1. How can I book a transfer?
You can book a transfer online or you can contact one of our operators, who will assist you with the booking.

2. Can I book a transfer by phone?
Yes, you can. You can call our office Mo-Fr from 9:00 till 17:00 (CET)

3. I can't find the required destination in the list of cities. What should I do?
Please contact us via email or by phone and we will provide you with the required rates.

4. How far in advance should I book a transfer?
The booking should be made no later than 24 hours before the required transfer

5. Why do you ask to submit valid credit card details?
You should submit your credit card details ONLY to confirm your booking request. No payment will be taken from your credit card, unless you request to pay in advance.

6. What should I do, if I don't have a valid credit card with me or can't provide all the requested details?
All your booking requests will be saved in your personal account on our website. You can finalize the booking at any time, but no later than 24 hours before the transfer.

7. Should I include infants and children in booking form?
Yes. All infants (0-2yrs) and children (3-11yrs) must be included in the booking form to guarantee the appropriate type of vehicle will be provided.

8. Where can I indicate my special requests while completing the booking form?
You can indicate your special requests, comments and instructions in the field "Special requests".

9. When will I receive the booking confirmation?
You will receive the booking confirmation as soon as the local provider accepts your booking request.

10. How can I update my booking?
If you need to update your booking form, please contact one of our operators via email or by phone. The booking will be updated immediately upon your request and the related message will be sent.

On Arrival

1. Where will I meet the driver?
In the Airport: Our driver will wait for you in the airport arrivals area.
In the Cruise Terminal: Our driver will wait for you in the cruise arrival lounge.
On the Train Station: Our driver will wait for you at the train arrival platform.
At a Private Address: Our driver will wait for you at the agreed address.
As soon as the booking process is finalized, the meeting spot details and the emergency phone number will be sent together with the booking confirmation.

2. How much time will the driver wait for me?
The driver will wait for you up to an hour before the agreed pick up time.

3. How will I find the driver?
The driver will hold a sign with the name stated in the booking form.

4. What should I do in case of any delay or flight cancelation?
In case of any delay or flight cancelation, please call the emergency phone number provided in the booking confirmation email.

5. Where will the driver drop me off?
The driver will drop you off at the address indicated as the destination in the booking form.