About Us.

Buongiorno amici……
I Daniel Damian, the owner of travelinromeitaly want to thank you for visiting my website. When you rely on us for your travel, you can rest be assured of a safe and hassle-free trip. I came to the "Eternal City" as a tourist in the year 2003. I was born in Romania and brought up in Belgium. Due to this, I have an extended knowledge of Roman Empire and Italian Renascence Art. My love for Roman culture made me take the decision to start my livelihood in the city.

My company travelinromeitaly shares my vision of offering friendly and reliable travel services to the tourist and the localities. I and my team strive to make your excursion fun-filled and enjoyable. I take pride in offering you luxurious transportation services at highly competitive prices in and around the beautiful city of Rome.

Quality of Service

travelinromeitaly does not compete on prices, but on the quality of the services. We do not compromise your safety. We go an extra mile to make your excursion hassle-free and smooth. Client satisfaction is our primary goal. We ensure that the clients have a comfortable journey to the destination. Your smile matters a lot for us, and we take all initiatives to make you happy.

The chauffeurs with us are selected on the basis of their professional experience, personal conduct, high work ethics and driving record. Each driver employed possesses a valid licensed granted by the municipality of Rome. Prior their appointment, they are also tested for drugs and alcohol. They also underwent regular health check-ups to determine their fitness for the job. All these measures are taken to ensure your safety during the trip.

My Personal Guarantee

Our customers are our top priority and I as the owner take it as my personal responsibility to ensure you are pleased with the services; you receive from us. Our staff members are cooperative and remain at your dispense from the moment you make a reservation with us till we bid your farewell at the end of your tour.

We look forward to service you!


Our fleet of vehicles includes three models of Mercedes.

The cars have designer leather and wood panelling. They come equipped with reading lights for all passengers. The comfy seats let you have a relaxing long journey. The automatic draught free climate control exemplifies sheer class and luxury.

E-class Mercedes
It was named as the safest passenger car in the market by the US Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The vehicle features advanced technology for the security and comfort of the passengers. The safety features include the new Neck-Pro active head restraint system headrests to protect you against whiplash.

S-class Mercedes
S-Class vehicles are for those who want to travel in ultimate luxury. It can accommodate three passengers in them. It has a larger engine capacity that makes ride extra smooth.

MPV Mono and Minivans
With the capacity to accommodate six to eight passengers, the vehicle is spacious for large groups. These are multipurpose vehicles that feature three-point seatbelts, armrests and adjustable backrests. These are ideal for long hour travels as they ensure maximum comfort.